Been crocheting

Lately ive crocheted somethings but not happy with the qulity. I want to put up the best that i can. I dony like selling anything half -done. Hopefully i can start this weekend with my etsy store. Ive been lookng at others stores to see what they have and reading alot about tje shops. So i think I’m ready.

Ill have dolls for sale and some scarfs , maybe some dish towls or blankets. :)  Figuring out the prices are hard been looking into that as well. Dont want to over price and under price but want to be fair.


Hard time

Im having suchh a hard time with the wolf. Im trying ‘o figure Kimmel  a pattern and i keep starting from the beginning. *sigh* hopefuly i can get something done today.
Lil red came out great gonna make at least 3 more rght now. And 3 more of Ryu.

Little red

So i finished her and now I’ve been figuring out how to do the wolf. Never made one before. I cant wait till its done amd i have the pair.
   Ive been workinh on gettimg all the creations i need to open my etsy shop. I want to make sure i have it stocked and ready. 🙂 cant wait so excited about this.

Lil red…

Little Red Riding Hood

So i started to make little red riding hood. I have her head done now for the body. I dont know what colour her dress should be. Maybe black…well i want to make a few more of her.

i have decided.

I wonder…

I made an arm and I'm working on the other.  I don't know what it's gonna be. Im just crocheting and seeinv what comes out and if it's human..haha…jkjk I do know it's wearing a long black seleve shirt. Boy or girl..animal…i dunno we will have to wait and see. 🙂

Finish sorry didnt post last.

This is the finish Ryu. He is in fighting stance here. Gonna make a few more and thet may or may not be different, as in the way they are standing. Hope ya like. 🙂

Almost done.

I have one leg and the arms/hands to go…

Ryu..the process

So this is just one of the dolls ill be selling. He isnt done..but i thought id post anyways.