Change is hard for me. Every time something new happened it was huge and depressing(my patents divorce,death,people moving away,etc..). But there have been great changed(my son’s birth, weddings, new friends, etc..)

But what is it that makes me so nervous and filled with anxiety? I have. Battled anxiety for 6 1/2 years. I’m doing great now. It started small then it hit like a storm. I couldn’t leave the house and the door way was scary. I did end up having a breakthrough when I went on a trip to San Diego. It hadn’t lefted yet..

Then my mother passed away and I  really had a hard time. The last thing she was saying to me was “face your fears. You need to get out . I’m not gonna be here forever.” Didn’t think that it ment latter that night. But I am now living on my own. I’ve had a job for 3 years and I’ve done so much. I have conquered most but not all. One day ill be able to say goodbye to all these fears and just lock them away.

The song “Bang Bang You’re Dead” by Dirty Pretty Things reminds me of this goal. Cause one day I can say that to anxiety!


“Lion King” would have been better with more Voldemort in it

Cute Crocheted Mushrooms

Cut little shrooms 🙂 I love these things. Gonna make different colours.

Working again

      Ive been away and havnt really done anything so much is going on and i was in a stump! But im creating again and so is my Munster. 🙂 we have been busy and Ill be posting things up soon. With i had pics to share.

      We have been making charms with sculpy. So Ill be adding those to my etsy shop. Also Ill post pictures here.