Packing is taking forever!  With two places that nee to be pack this is taking way longer then expected.  Also, we are getting the condo ready to rent out to someone. Its gonna be fully furnished, so we are decorating and, packing, and cleaning all at once. FUN…

We’ve added more places to look at.  Next month we are going to visit them.

I really need to fund a car and drive more, then get my drivers license. I’m 26 and don’t have one. 😦 I have to figure out when to give my two weeks notice at work. Before they fire me. I’ve gotten my last write up and next time I’m late or call out I’m fired. Its my fault. I don’t drive and I’m late cause I rely on other people. This move has made me sick so I’ve called out some. We can only call out/be late 15 times. I’ve don’t my 15.


Father’s Day

   Today is father’s day. I didn’t get to see my dad, other thrn passing each other at the intersection. I told him “Happy Father’s Day!” He said thanks. And that was that. I don’t know what to get my dad. He said anything Stars Wars. But he has a lot that I don’t know what he has and doesn’t….

   Munster eent with hus grandma and they made some stuff for his dad. It was really awesome. I have no idea what to gi e him. I do want to take him to dinner. Maybe sometime this week when we both are up for it and hungry at the same time.

   I had to work today. Work was actually a good. People seemed nice today.


2 Weeks

    So, we are wanting to move away in 2 weeks. We still haven’t gone and looked at any of the towns. We don’t know which one we would rather live in, have our son go to school, and find a job(me).

   I’m packing things up that are giing with us. Gonna have a yard sale for the things we don’t want. If they don’t sale we are ginna donate them ti the Goodwill. What we are getting rid of is my book case, a desk, maybe the TV, some books I’ll never read, books Munster is to old for or doesn’t want, clothes that don’t fit, a 3 story cat post, some knick knacks, and toys.

   My goal is to have it this coming Saturday before I go into work. *fingers crossed* Everything must get done this week. Also have to go to the funeral home and get papers so I can take my moms urn.

   Until next time. 🙂

Geeky Pancakes WIN


Gonna be moving! Thank god. But I’m in a pickle… I have no idea how to do it. I know where,well I narrowed it down to 4 places. Need to visit them and see if they have a great feel to them.

This whole thing gives me a headache, to be honest. The temperature needs to be just right or else Munster can have a hard time living there. Yuma, az is where we live and its hot as hell?! Munster is very sensitive to the sun. He has such fair skin. He can spend about 5-10 mins outside but anymore then that he can get really burned.

So moving… Things I need to get done will be

•visit the cities
•save enough money for at 3       months, incase I don’t have a job.
•find a job over there
•look for a great school, then check out the neighborhood
•look for a place to live
•come back, pack everything we NEED
•change address
•get rid of stuff we don’t need
•get alk medical records and school transcripts
•say goodbye to fanily and friends
•leave and make a wonderful life there!

Family Dinner Time

*I am not vegan. I don’t like eating meat but if I eat something with a face, it’ll be a fish…rarely eat it. I mostly eat a vegan deit though*

So homemade tortillas, homemade salsa, and some cod.




Making dinner is always fun. Especially when all 3 of us do it. If its just Munster and I, that’s fine as well. So Munster made two tortillas and Dad made two, I made the rest. Dad made the salsa.

I believe that children should help make food from a young age. They should the importance of nutrition. Munster eats more of the food when he helps because he knows what’s in it.

Making Vegan Tortilla


I got tired buying tortillas and having a hard time getting them without lard. So I decide yesterday I was going to make them!! So here is the recipe

4 cups flours (any kind you want)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 TBS baking power
3 TBS of olive oil, or any you want
1 cup water ( 1/2 set aside) of luke warm water

Combaine all ingredients in a bowl. Add the extra water slowly and don’t add any more. Knead until it one big dough ball.

Let stand, in the bowl, for about 30 minutes. Cover with a dampen towel.

Take some flour and put on the counter or table. Get a rolling pin and grab about a small ball of dough. Roll it out till its flattened.

Heat a skillet and put the dough tortilla in. Turn over when its starts to cook, it will bubble up.

There ya go! Vegan tortillas.