Food Rules by Michael Pollan

So I just finished reading Food Rules. Which I recommend to everyone. The books gives us 64 rules we should live by when it comes to food. I love how simple and informative this book is. We all know that food is processed and that we should stay away from it. We know that small portions are better then super size ones.

In the book he writes about how we should eat locally and more plant base foods. Which I agree. You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan, eating meat is something he recommends, but in small portions, about the size of your fist.

Stop eating before your full. I love that. I can eat until I’m stuffed. Many of us do. Chapter one is “Eat Food.” I was confused at first but reading it made sense. Eat food! Don’t eat anything made in a lab, made by a machine, or made by people wearing a surgical cap.

“If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t”- Michael Pollan


Everytime I grab something at the grocery store I read the label.  If I can’t pronounce the ingredient I’m not getting it. I look for food that has a simple ingredient list. There are times I grab junk food, which I feel bad latter, but its what I’m craving. If you crave something you should eat . Make it and make it healthy.

Food is important to the body. We shouldn’t be putting crap in food to make it last longer. Make animals, bacteria, pest not want it. When we put pesticides on our food we can’t take it off. The pesticides are put in our bodies, which in turn make us sick. Eat a vegetable or fruit with pesticides, then eat one that was grown without it. Mmmm…taste so much better.

Same with meat. Buy and eat meat that doesn’t have anything in it. Meat isn’t bright red like you see in the stores.  I saw a sign at a grocery store one had chemicals in it and it, it was bright red. The other had nothing., it was pink. Same meat one with chemicals, one without. I’m sure the one without will taste so much better.  I’m planing on making a vegetable garden again. It will save money, but also I’ll know what I’m putting in my body.

Thanks for reading. I will love to hear your opinion on this topic.


Donating hats for cancer patients

Head Huggers is a wonderful charity I came across today. Its a charity that collects hats for cancer patients that have losted there hair. I’m gonna make some beanies and send them. Cancer is a disease that is in my family.  My great grandmother, my aunts, my mom, my Nana, and cousins have all had it. Here is the link to the charity

Head Huggers

Renewed a couple of items in my shop

This is the corset belt with wooden beads




This is the purple finger less gloves



Bunny Hugz Hood-scarves

So I was looking at scrafs and came across this. They ate simply gorgeous. 🙂 I want one now. Please check them out.

A little vacation

We took a little trip to Phoenix, AZ.  It is amazing. It rained the whole time. The food is so much better and I have stuffed myself every time we went to eat.

We got in town and went to Best Buy. It was huge compared to Yumas. They didn’t have what we wanted though. We walked around the mall area then lefted.

We went and bought a car!!  Yeah. I love it. Way better then the car we had. 🙂

We went to eat at Oreganos. It’s a pizza joint. I had the Big ‘O Vedge. It was so big. The sandwhich was 10’. I could only eat half. It came woth cheese fries but they gave me sweet potato fries. I don’t eat dairy products doesn’t settle with me. We also got their Kickbutt garlic bread, with pizza sauce (which was amazing!!)

We left and went to find a hotel. Ended up at Days Inn. Never again. The floor was gross,probably never cleaned. That’s all I’m saying about the hotel. 😦


this was right outside the Inn.

We woke super early. 5:55. It rained during the night and stilled looked lije it was going to rain. We all took are showers and I grabed my umbrella, went for a walk. We didn’t plane on staying the night so we nerded toothbrushes.  We walked and it began to sprinkle.  We walked to Food City and when we came out we needed the umbrella.  Ate our breakfast of waffles. We checked out and headed to see an old friend. He wasn’t there…

So we ened up at Urban Exchange. I got a dress and two sunglasses. 🙂 wasn’t really my kind of store.  From there went to Pita Jungle.  Wow! Just WOW I love that place. I had a Portablla Mushroom Burger with potato pieces (yummy) and a fresh mango/lemonade. Finished the burger in 10 min along with potatoes and hummus. I highly recommend thia place. The staff was super friendly and we got our order with a few mins of ordering.


Portabella Mushroom Burger


amazing good.

From there we went to the dealership to ask about our other car.

We left and went to IKEA.  Really big and inspiring. We had a hard time leaving, not cause of what tjey had, but we couldn’t bloodly find the exit.

Left IKEA and we headed to a park so Munster could run/play off thw energy. We decide to leave and head to Bookman’s after Munster turned red and sweaty. Bookman’s was great. Wanted a lot jf books but I ended uo getting one. ‘The Tarot Handbook’. I’m excited to start using mu tarot cards again. 🙂 After thay we went just down from there to a comic book store. I don’t know the name cause there wasn’t any name anywhere and I didn’t ask or hear anyone say it. But it was.

We finally met up with our old friend.

Said goodbye, and we searched for the other comic book store. Found it, was a pain in the a$$. After that we got some smoothies from Jumba Juice and headed home.

Goodnight everyone. Hope to go again in a week. 🙂