Challenge Day 2


     Well yesterday I didn’t curse at all very proud of myself. 🙂

        I crocheted something, but then I unraveled it. I didn’t like how it was turning out. So I failed that yesterday. 😦

Working Out
      I moved boxes and stuff up and down stairs. We did that for awhile so I’m counting that as a work out. My arms and legs hurt from up.


Challenge Day 1

Cursing :
     Today I crused once, but I did have to stop myself.  Its not that hard.

       I crocheted 2 beanies!  One for my nephew and another just to. Its for a premature baby.



Working out:
Well, I walked for about 25-30 mins total. Walked to Munster’s school, walked around helping the teachers, then walked home. Might have been more but I dunno.

We’ll see how day two goes. Hello Saturday (day 2)


     Well I’ve decide to challenge myself. I don’t. Really curse., but I want to stop completely.  I also want to crochet/knit one thing a day. I wan to work out as well. I’ve rode my bike a lot lately and went for walk with some jogging.  Been moving heavy things. 
      My goal is to make 30 crocheted or knitted items, stop cursing or even writing it, and do at 30-60 min work out. Today starts it all. I will be busy with helping out at school and moving/cleaning but I need to make time to this.

Wish me luck!  😉

My First!

I knitted my first beanie. The colour is teal and Munster loves it. Gonna make an adult one. Which colour?  🙂


Been really busy

So I’ve been busy these past couple months. I want to get back on but don’t really know what tk write. I’ve crocheted some stuff animals and scarfs and beanies, but nothing else or I kust haven’t took pics of. I’ve been riding my bike a lot, esp this week. Great workout. Visited my grandparents and for a short time spent some time with my father before he went back to…well that’s another story… Im gonna try and post at least 3 times a week.  Here’s a picture Munster drew