jake the dog!!!

jake the dog!!!

I crochet Jake the Dog from Adventure time for Munster. he loves it 🙂




So I’m on Etsy a lot, and one shop that I’m always drooling over is RavenBombshell. Her shop has so many beautiful dresses. I wish that I had the money to buy from her. But when i get extra cash I’m so shopping.

Her clothes are  pin up/rockabilly style. The Rockabilly style Pin up Dress with full circle skirt, is my favorite right now. Oh but the Sunshine Yellow Polka Dot Rockabilly Dress, is gorgeous. I love the colour of it, not too bright but not dull as well.

So I’m asking you guys to check out her shop.

Starting soup season: Lentil, rapini & sausage soup

I had to reblog this. this looks amazing.

Hilary Makes

As the chilly crispness of autumn settles in my bones, it becomes obvious that all I want is a hearty bowl of broth.

I don’t know why the brilliance of soup comes to me as a sneaky surprise every October. It’s possible that the summer weather is just so stiflingly hot that I feel as though I’ll never need to eat warm food again. But when the fall does come, eating that first bowl of seasonal soup comes with some sort of strange high – it fills me up, recharges me, and brings me to a place I didn’t know was possible. What’s good about soup, though, is that the high never falls. Every time I slurp, spoon, and sip, it’s better than before, and filled with new flavours and innovative ways to use up a crisper full of half-eaten vegetables. I think that’s why I love soup and pizza…

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Worrying, worrying, worrying.That is what everybody does with MY problems. Just quiet down, please? I asked you earlier for help. You sighed, you rolled your eyes, and then fell silent. I can not tell you anything anymore. You make me full of doubt. You needed to be carried, I did the best I could. Now will you, please, carry me? Just lend me a helping hand. I don’t know why you need to throw it (worry) in my face. I have my own plan, but I dare not tell you. Just cause ‘it wont be good enough.’ I will get mad and then either cry or become silent  myself. If I have a plan and its my only plan without borrowing or being in debt, then let me have that. Cause all this s*@t right now is making me want to be alone, and wither like a rose.

Munster drew Finn


Finn is from Adventure Time.

Just some doodles


Last night around 1-130 I got inspired to draw this. Just a gurl (I want to make this outfit) and some balloons. Oh yeah, and some stick figure little people hanging out jumping off mushrooms, kicking a ball, and relaxing near a pond. Enjoi. 🙂

A poem

I would stand there and believe
That somewhere within those eye is the truth
Can’t you see me?
Dancing around like a fool
Doing back flips to grab attention from you
But all the lies, oh all the lies
They come pouring out like water from a fall
So I stand there
Stand there and hope with it all

Been having an okay time


vegan cookies


breaking heart cloud


Zuko sleping


Zuko still sleeping

Challenge 14-18


  Um its not going to well. There’s days were I cruse so much. 😦


  Well I made some more polymer clay stuff. Buttons. I didn’t have any so I made some polymer buttons. I made a little guy name Broco and an Ipad cover




Working out…
   Nothing.. 😦

Challenge day(s) 9-13


    Very good but some… theres was a couple of day were i didn’t curse at all. 🙂



   There are these little guys that i have been working on and I will upload them all at once when I’m done with them all. 🙂 but i did make some charms out of polymer clay


Working out

  Well, i really haven’t done any other then moving heavy things around.