New Year

So today is New Years Eve. Everyone is getting ready to go out and party and get drunk out of their mind. Me…I’m here sitting on the couch watching the Doctor Who marathon with Munster. 🙂 Wouldn’t want to do anything else.

So, the new year is coming and I’ve decided that its going to be MY year. I’m going to do what I always wanted and cross things off my list. I have resolutions and I’m going to do them all. Every year is half or all but 1-2 things. This year I’m going to chase my dream and chase everything i want. 😉 I’m going to be happy this year. I may be in a situation where i dont want to be but I’m going to change that. I’m going to fight for what i want, grab it and never let go.

Hope everyone has a great and safe new year.


Writer’s Block

So I’m laying in bed thinking of what to write. I’m writing a book for my son. I asked him to draw the pictures for it. Right now I’m stumped! 😦

This isn’t cool. I thought ‘okay its just going to flow out of me,’ boy was i wrong. When I write poetry it just flows. Writing stories were always hard for me to write. Short stories as well but not as tough.

I’m also having to deal with a very hyper boy. 🙂 That I love. Maybe I’ll just watch him and write what comes to me and look at it later then put it together. 🙂

Poll Time

Santa Arrested for Chalking at Texas Capitol

So here we are just a few more days till Christmas and Santa comes to have kids write their wishes in chalk. Oh but wait. The police don’t like that. Why would anyone arrest Santa. My son drew with chalk on our patio one and the manager to the apts saw and gave me an eviction notice for destruction of property! Took a bucket and nade it disappear. So i guess chalk is going to be illegal now or you must have a permit for it? Who knows but i don’t like this….


So everything is gonna be different . Gonna have a new place to live, new address, new neighbors, new school. I’m really scared, but no one to hold my hand. Munster is excited about this. He is.especially excited about a new school. Ill be close to a lot of places though. Walking will be more.enjoyable since there will be things to see other then dirt and mud and a fields. Ridinb my bike as well.

I have to say i feel alone with this. This could be good or bad. But i wish i.had a hand to hold or someone to walk by my side. …


Don’t really know what lays ahead. My future is scary at this moment. I feel sick and trembling with unknown. I know I’ve felt this before and everything turned out okay…but what about this time? I’m sitting here thinking of ways to make it right and thinking of things i need to do. I’m taking this opportunity as a sign that this is what is suppose to happen. This us the push I need to leave this place.