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10 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. My love of my life, MY SON.
  2. ZUko and Sleven. Our cat Zuko loves cuddling with me. Our rescued mouse Sleven.
  3. My family. I love my family, they mean the world to me. What little family I have left is all I need in this world. 🙂
  4. Shane. Even though we’ve had our ups and downs, he still makes me smile. He’s always there and will forever be my best friend.
  5. My father-in-law. He has helped so much in my life. Opened his home for us.
  6. Having a day to relax. Once in awhile I just want to be as lazy as i can. sleep as long as i can and watch movies eat whatever and not do any house work.
  7. My grandmother calling me. She calls about everyday and its just to see how I’m doing.
  8. Taking a nice hot shower. My last apt had a problem hot water so  with the hot water so most days it was jumping in and out cause it would be freezing.
  9. Going outside and sitting in the backyard. Having the sun hit me, or the slight breeze, or listening to the birds chirp.

   10. Waking up and having another day.

What are somethings that make you smile? What made you smile today?





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  1. Can’t beat a hot shower on any day… especially when you have a kid lol.



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