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Eating better.

I eat junk food every once in awhile…okay lately its a lot. But today I’m starting to get back on track. For dinner I made a simple zucchini pizza

1 Nann
1 zucchini
Half a tomato
Some salt
Some feta cheese
Olive oil

Get the nann and lightly spread on some olive oil. Not to much but just a light coat. Take a peeler and peel the zucchini into thin slices. Cover the nann and overlap the zucchini. A few inches above sprinkle with salt, use 3 fingers. Take the tomato and cut it up in little pieces. Put however much you want on it. Put in a toaster oven and heat for a few minutes, I did 4 minutes, didn’t want the zucchini all the way cook, love the taste of it raw. When done take some feta and spread some feta and slice it up. Yummy as heck 🙂 I hope you all enjoi. If you try different variations let me know in yhe comments below.


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