A Bohemian Rhapsody ala PUSCIFER (HD)


Swap-bot and Penpaling

I love my penpals!  Its been so much fun ‘meeting’ so many people. They are so awesome. I’m trying to get a penpal from every state in the USA.

Swap-bot is my new addiction. I’ve been swapping and I want to keep doing it till I run out of people and crafts to do. I’ve been getting creativr and having my son help out as well.



My eyes they swell.
For they do not want to see this hell
How I can be, if Im nothing at all?
Can you hear me?
Do you listen and search when you hear the call?
Just a waste nothing more.
My whole life I’ve heard it all before.
I am a disappointment to them,
I wanted to shine bright like a star in your eyes.
But it comes to this,
No happy ending for me.
Just bury me now.
Go on with your life at ease…