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Yummy Yummy Recipe

Okay found online a recipe for Vegan Tomatoe Zucchini Casserole. We took that and made it way better. The original called for 3 ingredients,which is awesome, but we wanted more flavors and make it hearty.

1-2 Zucchini, depends on how much you want and how big

1 big tomatoe

Feta cheese

Yellow squash

Red bell peppers


Sun dried tomatoes

1/4 Cup water

         Put the tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and water in a blender. Pluse until its well blended. I kept sone chunks in there. This is the sauce.

    Peel the zucchini, then continue to peel the zucchini into the dish to make the bottom layer. Add the sauce, then layer with squash. Add mushrooms,peppers,more sauce zucchini and then crumble the feta cheese and add the rest of sauce. Top with grated cheese of your choice.

        Put it in the oven, which has  pre heated to 375°f. Cook until golden brown and starts to bubble. I believe it took 20-25mins. Let cool for 10mins and then enjoi.



This was soooo delicious! I hope you enjoi. If you make it and add anything please post and let me know. Post a link to your blog if you posted it there.

Until next time. 🙂

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