Today sucked..

So I’m sitting in urgent care waiting to be seen by the doctor. I sprained my index finger about 2 weeks ago and now i think its injured again. Hopefully this time they do an xray to make sure nothing is broken. Also the doctor who treated me was an asshole. He made me cry cause he was bending and wiggling my finger and i told him to stop. So i worked today and moving boxes for customers is what made me want to come here. It hurt so bad. A shooting pain all down my finger and my hand to my wrist. Now, you may wonder how did this happen.??? Well i pop my knuckles. I have a bad habit of doing that and i did it 2 weeks ago and i couldn’t move it for a day or two.


Also today i put in my complaint about my assistant store manager grabbing ny arm and pulling me. We will see what happens when she gets a call. But really, I’m an adult. You don’t need to grab my arm and pull or yank me when I’m leaning or you think I’m sitting. 😦

So there’s just a little rant. Oh i had a very yummy dinner. Roasted tomato with cheese and lentil soup. So good. I have the soup still cause I could only have a few spoonfuls.