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Today i came across a quote

I came across a quote today.

‘Words are knives, feelings are bombs’

I don’t know who said that, but it fits so perfectly.  Everyone says words. They use them to teach, talk, hurt and entertain. We must really watch what we say and to whom. Now a days words are used to mostly hurt and bully. So much are words used to deceive. Look at the news. Politics use words to gain votes and most are lies. We buy into them cause they use the right words! You fall in love, or buy a product you don’t need cause… of the right words.

Feelings! Oh, lord i hate feelings. Feelings make or brake everything. You want to buy something and they say all the right words, but does those words get you feeling like you need it? You fall in love and you heart is overcome with new exciting feelings. You see your child for the first time or get a promotion, you FEEL excited, joyful, happy. When you are hurt you feelings betray you. That’s when it feels like a bomb. Everything comes crashing down and every feeling you ever experienced,or new, comes all at once. You cry, get angery, your feelings become dangerous. Some peoples feeling lead to really bad things. Violent outcomes. Others bottle it up until they explode or, they try and take their life.

Words and feelings go hand and hand. We all must respect what words do and how people feel.

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  1. That’s such a powerful phrase. People don’t realize how “sharp” their words are and how deep it might “cut” into another person sometimes. It’s all in the choice of words as well as the tone one takes when saying something. Sorry for the puns!


    • Absolutely right. I’ve misinterpreted what someone was feeling towards me cause of the tone. Words are power. Thank you for your comment, you hit ut dead on.



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