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Fighting my Demon

He has no eyes, but can see everything.
Has claws to scratch at my flesh.
Sharp teeth to eat the good thoughts away.
He lurks in the back of my mind.
He tells me I’m not good enough.
Can’t eat till everything is done.
Takes my strength, my will to live.
‘Kill yourself’ he says.
‘It’ll make everything better.
Won’t be tired, stressed, hngry or bother to anyone.’
The blackness that is his mouth sucks all the engery in and spits out negativity.
I’m his, all his.
I’m not alone at all cause i have him with me always.
I’m not good enough for anyone but him.
My body is thin and bones, no meat.
My face is oily, dirty and grossly tanned just like my arms.
God or whatever can’t save my life from him, I must continue to struggle and fight him.
Even if it kills me…


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