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I feel it Starting Again

So, yesterday was an awful day. I couldn’t get out of bed and had no appetite. Was struggling with myself all day. This morning I wake up and I’m filled with anxiety. I’ve worked so hard to overcome goraphobia and social anxiety. But I feel it starting again. My head is filled with all those thoughts and my body is shaking. I want to take Munster to the library to see a magic show, but i don’t know if I can make it.

I don’t have an appetite again today. I feel sick and i want to throw up since this morning. I don’t want to be like this. I want to be normal. Well as normal as I ever was 🙂 hehe. I will try and take Munster to the library and hopefully i can stay 1+ hours so he can see the show and check out some books.

I remember going to the doctor and just being told more pills more pills! They made me sick, drunk like and slipping in and out of consciousness. Therapist did nothing for me my whole life.

I just want to be BETTER.
I just want to be NORMAL.
I want to HAPPY.
I want to feel SANE.
I want to FREE.
Most of all I want to be MYSELF.


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