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Crocheting Motivation

I have found some motivation to crochet and try and sell my creations again. I have discovered that my hand hurts while I crochet and my fingers seems stiff. Gonna have to check into that. Crocheted some more soap bags and a mushroom. Nubby is my favorite so far. He has a nub for an arm and only one eye.







So here is another Etsy shop that I think is awesome. This lady crochets hats for babies and lip balm holders. The Christmas baby hat is absolutely adorable. Check her shop and and if you like what you see maybe  make a purchase 🙂

New and Renew Items In Our Shop!!



Hope you check it out and hopefully you find something you like. If you see something and want it in another colour let me know. 🙂



So I’m on Etsy a lot, and one shop that I’m always drooling over is RavenBombshell. Her shop has so many beautiful dresses. I wish that I had the money to buy from her. But when i get extra cash I’m so shopping.

Her clothes are  pin up/rockabilly style. The Rockabilly style Pin up Dress with full circle skirt, is my favorite right now. Oh but the Sunshine Yellow Polka Dot Rockabilly Dress, is gorgeous. I love the colour of it, not too bright but not dull as well.

So I’m asking you guys to check out her shop.

Onigiri Charms by MunsterNCookie on Etsy


i have decided.


I am starting this blog to post updates about my shop that i will be starting on Etsy. Also maybe something random. 🙂