Crocheting again.

So I’ve been crocheting again.  My good friend had trouble sleeping so I came across Twinkie Chan’s website.  I saw her instagram aswell. Its anazing and she’s adorable. So I nade the sleep mask but in pink and I’m not done.  I want to make the ‘oops my eye fell out’ mask but I dunno how to make eyes.  I’m crocheting them and undoing.  Once I get them how I want it should be done.  🙂

Breakfast at Tiffanys Sleep Mask

Ill post a pic in an update of this post once I have time.  Today I have two kids.  My Munster and a friends

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂 have an amazingly awesome day. 

P. S. I’m also crocheting a bunny for Munster for Easter. 


Swap-bot and Penpaling

I love my penpals!  Its been so much fun ‘meeting’ so many people. They are so awesome. I’m trying to get a penpal from every state in the USA.

Swap-bot is my new addiction. I’ve been swapping and I want to keep doing it till I run out of people and crafts to do. I’ve been getting creativr and having my son help out as well.


10 Things I See Around Me

I’m sitting here and just trying to get inspired..


2- ceiling fan spinning

3- Books

4- our rescued mouse

5- closet full of clothes

6- Ties, scarves, hats hanging from the curtain rod

7- The wind blowing the trees, from my window

8- 3 bows hanging on the wall

9- a movie being played.

10- These beautiful pictures


Bento Monster Giveaway

I was on Instagram and came acroos Bentos Monster’s pictures. Oh. My. Gosh. They look absolutely amzing. Shehas done an amazng job. I will be following her on IG and her blog. I’ve always wanted to do what she does and now starting next week I’m gonna. When I pack my sons lunch ill try and be creative about it. I don’t have tools she does but hopefully next payday I can find some in town. Munster saw them as well and wants me to do it. Ill keep you guys updated. And if I remember to take pics I will make sure to upload them.

She is having a giveaway! She is giving away one sandwich box, 2 packs of picks, 1 pack of silicon lace barans, 1 pack of plastic barans, 1 cutter, 1 pack of silicon food cups and 1 pack of assorted deco picks.

Enter for a chance to win. I did!

Bento Giveaway

Till next time 🙂


Today Munster and i did origami


I also did 50 (girl) push ups.

I’m staying positive and trying not to think negatively about anything. Now to get other things flowing. 🙂

Okay, okay

Well I’ve gone for awhile. A lot has been going on. I haven’t created anything lately, I haven’t had it in me. I will be starting back up again this week. I want to crochet some stuff for the shop and for Xmas. 

Munster drew Finn


Finn is from Adventure Time.

Challenge Day 6 & 7 & 8

    Well, id love to say I didn’t but I did. I only have been doing it once or twice. So I say that’s pretty good.

     I’ve crochet a couple of small little guys. Ill post pics later

Work out
    I’ve done some more moving, for my Tia this time. Also did some pretty lame pull-ups. Haha oh man I’m glad no one was hre for that.  🙂

Onigiri Charms by MunsterNCookie on Etsy