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Crocheting Motivation

I have found some motivation to crochet and try and sell my creations again. I have discovered that my hand hurts while I crochet and my fingers seems stiff. Gonna have to check into that. Crocheted some more soap bags and a mushroom. Nubby is my favorite so far. He has a nub for an arm and only one eye.





Getting Better & July List

      I have been away for awhile. Lets start with the meds. I’ve been taking them, but cut it in half. They made me way to tired. I could barely keep my eyes open. My weight has slowly gone up. I have an appetite again. Yeah 🙂 i am staying positive and hooping it all gets better.

         I am starting to crochet again. Finally motivated to make some creations. I’ve also started to draw more. Trying new medias. Is that the right term/word? By the end of the month I want to have at least 5 new items up for sale in tbe Etsy shop.

        I have been cooking more as well. Trying new recipes out. I’m loving it!! Baking cookies non stop it seems. Getting into baking healthy cookies. 🙂

        So… i went to high school, then I did homeschool. I never finished homeschool. I recently contacted them and said I want to finish. I need 6 1/2 credits left to get my diploma. Making it a goal to finish it by the end of the year. :):)


— 5 New items up in the shop
— Catch up on my penpal letters
— start my homeschooling
— start working.out everyday again

— Go out on the town with a friend
— Make a lunch pkan for August
— Get as many hours of work as I can
— Take my medicine and multi vitamins

I would love to know what everyone has been getting done in July. How are your goals? If you’re taking meds, how is it going? Comment below about it or comment with a link to your blog post about these questions.


Renewed a couple of items in my shop

This is the corset belt with wooden beads




This is the purple finger less gloves