Moving to Portland and Other Stuff.

           Okay, so I’ve decided that Portland, Oregon is the place for me. I can transfer work there and it seems a perfect fit for me and especially my son. 🙂 I can’t wait to move there. I haven’t visited so I’m kinda going in blind.

           So let’s see. I bought a skirt at the goodwill and its cute as heck. I had a week off of work cause I had a slight breakdown and then I had an episode of vertigo. Went to the hospital and got some pills if it happens again. My knee got twisted about a month ago and now I have a brace on it. For the next 2 weeks I have to take 2 naproxen and the ice my knee at night. I have to go get an x-ray to make sure there’s no fracture.

My stress levels have been up and cause panic attacks like crazy. I’ll be sitting there and just be overcome by anxiety. I’ve been taking a pill for that lately since walking and riding my bike is a no for day to day.

Now coming up with the money to move has been the biggest stress factor this month. I’m having yard sales and crocheting, but still not any luck with it.

Well, I need to clean and also crochet some little girl bags to sell. Hopefully I can sell enough or come into some money somehow to move.

Anyone have any moving or selling tips for me it would be much appreciated.

Until next time.



– have money to finish my schooling

– be loved and cared for

– be able to sit down and draw what I’m feeling

-not have to worry/stress

– move before 2014

– be myself

– be happy

– have a back rub

– have the knots in my shoulders gone

– ride my bike around town without feeling like my heart is gonna jump out

– be healthy

– do my stress test and not have them stop because I can’t do it anymore

– be rid of the anxiety

– come home/wake up and the dishes are done, laundry hung/folded, bedroom cleaned.

Working Retail! (A little rant)

    Sitting here thinking about work. I work at a retail store. I have never in my 27 years on earth come across so many disrespectful people, racist, and down right mean!!  I am talking about the customers. My first week I was called a “fucken bitch” because I wasn’t going to stop helping my customer and help her. It was an old lady…
   I have customers throw hangers, bags, clothes, toys at me. When in the fitting room, women have thrown clothes in the trash cause I’ve asked them for the hangers or I was helping another customer.
    People let their kids run away and break/open stuff. They drop clothes on the ground and just step or run over them with their carts.

     I don’t even want to tell you what women do to the restroom… ewwww!

      I’m not the only person, or store, that deals with people like this. When people from Mexico come they get nasty. Some are nice and some are really rude. I am half Mexican and a quarter Irish, quarter Italian. I have been told by customers that I need to speak spanish. I know it but I don’t like speaking it. Its funny when Mexicans thinks I’m a racist white girl. And Americans think I’m a racist mexican. So there is my little venting of today. 🙂